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LCD Phone Screen Repair Cost in Different Stores.

Currently, smartphones are some of the most used communication devices. However, one of the most crucial parts of these devices is the screen. Therefore, the biggest problem you can experience as a smartphone owner is a damaged screen. Nowadays, there are two common types of Phone screens. These are the Light-emitting diode (LED) and Liquid screen display (LCD) screens. LCD screens are more sensitive compared to the LED screen. Therefore, they are very effective. However, due to their sensitivity, they are very fragile. This means that they are prone to cracking. Due to their popularity and sensitivity, there are a lot of LCD phone screen repair stores. Therefore, LCD phone screen repair cost varies depending on the technician.

The cost of repairing LCD screens in the Apple repair shop.

Having in mind that LCD screens are mostly installed on Apple devices, you can easily replace your LCD screen in an Apple repair store. If you have apple care and you are within the warranty, the cost of repair or replacing an LCD screen is $25. This is regardless of the iPhone that you are using. Apart from catering for screen replacement, this money also caters for any other damage on the display panel. However, if you are out of warranty the cost of repairing the screen becomes slightly expensive. Therefore, the cost change to $136 for iPhone 5 and 6 to $286 for iPhone x.

LCD phone screen repair cost in other shops.

The cost of replacing an LCD phone screen varies from $136 to $286. This mostly depends on the type of phone you are using. Currently, LCD screens are mostly installed on iPhones. However, you can also find them in some other phone models like Samsung. If you are a proud owner of an iPhone, then you are probably using an LCD screen. As stated above the price will vary from $136 for iPhone 5 to $ 286 for iPhone x. This prices only cater for screen replacement. It’s also crucial to note that if your phone is within the warranty the cost will be slightly lower. Apart from the LCD screen being broken, its display panel may also be damaged. Therefore, apart from the screen being replaced the panel also has to be repaired. Therefore, you will be charged some extra money. This means the cost changes to 255$ for iPhone 5 to 556$ for iPhone x.

Although the cost of repairing an LCD screen is crucial, it’s also crucial to note that the LCD screen is very sensitive. Therefore, a slight mistake in replacing the screen may lead to compromising the sensitivity of your phone. In fact, you shouldn’t repair your LCD screen. This is because once you compromise the sensitivity of your screen, the phone becomes faulty. From the above information, you agree with me that LCD phone screen repair cost varies from $25 to $556. This is mainly depending on the type of phone you are using and the store. Therefore, before taking your phone for LCD screen replacement you should consider the two factors.