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The economics of repairing your phone

Your phone is that gadget that you carry around all the time, and you definitely need all the time. Protecting it from damage is vital. You need to take a few preventive steps to keep it safe. First you will need a good phone case, the stronger the better. Some cases are waterproof. It is also advisable to have a screen guard. Also avoid risk prone areas. It is not wise to put your phone near water especially if it is not water proof. Do not put your phone in a very hot area. If your phone accidentally falls into water, then shut it down immediately. Make a habit of backing up your data regularly to avoid permanent loss if phone is damaged.

But once it is damaged all is not lost. You will need to remove all cords and memory card. But do not break tamper proof seal unless you know what you are doing. Some of the common repair issues include; camera and lenses , screen repair, battery damage, mother board , power button damage , home button damage and water damage. Water damage repairs are difficult but an expert can handle it.

On average repair shops are cheaper than authorized dealers. It is now possible to get quotes for repair online and book an appointment you can also free estimates for complicated problems. Evaluate costs before deciding how to repair your phone. If your phone is still under warranty then it can be repaired for free. An insured phone can also be replaced or you can claim reimbursement from insurer. Some authorized dealers will send a technician to your house or office. Some of the factors that determine cost include;

  • Warranty, but accidental damages are not covered.
  • Colour, phone screen have different colours with different prices
  • speed of repair
  • compatibility, not all screens will fit your phone and you may be required to pay for an expensive one
  • Generation of your phone.
  • original genuine parts will definitely cost more than imitations
  • Discounts offered by various dealers.
  • Qualifications and expertise of technicians will affect cost of repair.
  • Hard and strong screens will cost relatively more.
  • Availability of spare parts. Repair shops will probably buy some parts from authorized dealers.
  • Type of defect, if the defect arises from manufacturing then replacement will be free.
  • If you have an iphone repair kit you may be no need to take it to a shop or agent
  • the size of the screeen and other parts needed will also directly affect the cost of repair
  • if you reside in a major town you can access a variety of shops and dealers. If out of town you may need to pay extra travel or courier cost.

some authorized dealers have set fees for replacing or repairing iphone screens, but it will depend on the degree of damage. Sometimes repairing a phone can be more costly than buying a new one . In conclusion the cost of iphone repair will depend on whether you repair it yourself or take it to a shop or authorized dealer. The extent of the damage will also bear directly on the cost. It is important to keep your iphone safe but if damaged you must decide what to do wisely. Cheap sometimes becomes dear .You do not need to void your warranty or permanently destroy your phone.