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iPhone Glass Repair
iPhone Glass Repair: 3 Factors to Consider Before Repairing    By design, the iPhone mobile phone is all glass. The glass screen covers the entire front of the phone. Some internal components of the phone have glass elements. For those who are clumsy, the danger for smashing the screen ever-present.  Even for the cautious one, an accident may happen, and you could find yourself with a screen full of cracks. Once the iPhone screen smashes, operating the phone becomes a challenge. You have to decide whether to repair the screen or to buy a new phone.  This article discusses factors that you have to consider before determining whether to repair the glass or to buy a new device. iPhone Glass Repair
  1. Extend Of the Damage
Should your iPhone experience a fall or a substantial hit, there is a possibility that the screen will get cracks. The first thing is to assess the severity of the damage. The screen could have suffered a small break at the corner but is still working. It is also possible that the screen shatters completely but still working. Assessing the damage should not be limited to the screen. Get the phone on a suitable surface and with adequate lighting. Do a bit of stress testing and probing to find the extent of body damage.  Check if the screen is still firmly attached to the phone. If the screen is functioning correctly, its physical appearance will help inform the next move. Should the damages be severe to the extent the screen appear somehow detached from the rest of the phone, or the screen is unresponsive, it’s better to buy a new phone.
  1. Availability of an Authorized Repairer
The iPhone comes with one year standard warranty for phones.  Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover the smashed screen. If the phone is not severely damaged, it is highly recommended you take it the manufacturer or his authorized dealer who will repair the screen at a fee. The advantages of using an authorized dealer are
  • Affordable prices
  • Quality work
  • Warranty status will remain
Finding an approved repairer might pose a challenge in some situations. In the event you cannot find an authorized repairer, buying a new phone is the best option. Non-authorized repairs are expensive, and the quality of their work is not guaranteed  
  1. Cost of repairs
For all models of iPhone, the cost of replacing the screen is 29 dollars as long as the phone is under warranty and has AppleCare+ coverage. Should you iPhone be under warranty and you have AppleCare+, consider repairing. Should the phone be out of warranty and you do not have Applecare +, the cost of screen repair will be over 279 dollars. In this situation, buying a new phone is better. The value of a new iPhone is not far from these costs of repairs at $279. Conclusion The best way of dealing with a cracked or smashed iPhone screen is to prevent the damage in the first place. Purchase a screen protector for the phone. Consider using phone cases that engulf the entire phone; they give maximum protection to your iPhone. This action will save you from having to make the buy or repair decision.